• Testimonials

I am so grateful for all of your help. You provided me with a better understanding of how to write applications and present myself to colleges. I truly do not know what I would have done without your direction and guidance throughout this whole process. Your comments, insights, and knowledge have been essential to my writing, and I am happy with my essay and supplements because of your involvement.

As we think back on the entire process, we cannot express more deeply our appreciation for you and how much you helped W. At times, your help was in the form of content. At times, it was just plain making us all feel better and more confident. At times, you were our proverbial therapist….

I just wanted to thank you for your counsel/coaching/editing so far. It’s been cool to watch you bring out the best in (student’s) work. I’m particularly impressed with how you can coach/tweak/redirect his effort while keeping his spirits and self-esteem high.

We tell everyone that Bags’ thorough knowledge of the academic world along with his experience and insight has been invaluable to our family. He took the time to get to know our son not only scholastically but also as a person, his interests, goals and dreams, ensuring the perfect academic fit. We can’t thank him enough for all of the exceptional guidance throughout this process.

Bags brings an incredible mix of wisdom, experience, enthusiasm, and perspective to the college search process. True to form, he helps every student feel heard and does an amazing job supporting them by helping them find their voice and tell their story through encouragement and coaching. As a small independent school with its first graduating class moving through the ranks, Bags offered One Stone timely support for both our students and staff. He helped co-advise our team in the development of our school’s transcript and advised students in the writing of their personal statements and supplemental essays. Bags’s thoughtful approach to the college search process helped make it a successful experience for all.

What I really liked about working with Bags is that he believed throughout the entire process that I would get into a great school that fit me. This positive energy allowed me to believe so as well. So I worked hard in my SAT tests and every one of my applications. He genuinely cared about my progress and every goal he set for me during the application process. He read through every single essay I wrote and always gave me feedback to improve them. I would turn in my 5th drafts.

From the very start, he and I established what my biggest tasks and challenges would be. Some of these challenges were out of my control, and some were academic tasks that I had to work on throughout the process.

In addition to academics, Bags was also very conscious of the financial aspect to college. He helped enroll into a program that could help pay for my tuition and also connected me with local and national scholarships that helped my family cover the rest of my tuition.

Bags’ unwavering focus inspired me to be the best I can be and to push myself in my academics. His genuine care allowed me to believe I could truly be the first in my family to go to college.

I can’t say enough positive things about our experience working with Bags. He guided our son through the college process and helped him determine exactly the right fit and achieve admission to his first-choice college.

To this work, Bags brings a depth of knowledge about colleges and universities across the country and a unique ability to connect with students on a personal and meaningful level. He is able to take a stressful and agonizing process and make it one that’s positive, successful and even enjoyable!

What I think helps to make Bags so effective in this role, and helps to make the process so positive for his clients, is the way he approaches his relationship with the students – with honesty, humor, and a keen and genuine interest in who they are and where their passions lie.

Bags takes a highly individualized and personal approach with each student and family to reach successful outcomes that meet the high goals of each client.

Bags bridged his vast knowledge of colleges and the collegiate application process with keen listening and patience to understand my personality and academic interests. In the end, he helped me get into a college that I could not be happier attending.

Bags is insightful and authentic. He is not just my former college counselor, he has become my mentor and friend. To this day, three years into college, Bags is the first person I look to for guidance.

From proof-reading my essays, advising me on college applications, to being a major source of support during the process, Bags helped me to conquer the college application process. Bags’s support, guidance, and knowledge helped me to put my best foot forward and show the best version of myself to the schools I applied to. Not only did Bags serve as a source of guidance, but his attentiveness and genuine care for my success made me feel confident and supported during the college application process.

For many high school students, beginning the college search process can be an intimidating and overwhelming endeavor. However, if you are a high school student lucky enough to go through this process with Bags Brokaw, you will be equipped with a man willing to go every extra mile in order for you to succeed. Bags has a special touch about his work that allows him to accomplish things beyond anybody’s expectations, all for the benefit of the student. Bags is a gifted writer and a relatable counselor. With abundant knowledge of schools and their respective admittance process, Bags’s experience makes him the most valuable asset to any student wishing to propel themselves forward on the right path towards the college of their dreams.

Applying to college is no easy task, which is why I am so grateful for Blackfly College Counseling. Bags was able to give me the constructive criticism that I needed to get into a top-tier school. He always supported my goals and was a soundboard for my out-of-the-ordinary, unique ideas. He didn’t hesitate to say there were better ideas out there or celebrate with me when I had good ones. Every meeting, I was greeted with a generous smile, a safe environment, and supportive arms. College applications are stressful enough, and Bags made the process that much smoother. He was one of the first people I called when I was accepted and, in true Bags fashion, celebrated with me like we had both received the letter.

Thank you, thank you – for the support and guidance you gave to (daughter) throughout this process. We are beyond grateful that we had you in her court and I know she found you to be a tremendously valuable resource and advocate.

Working with Blackfly College Counseling greatly improved the quality of my application essays. Bags helped solidify the best message in my writing and guided me towards expressing that message in a fashion meaningful to myself and attractive to any college without ever losing my literary “voice.” I don’t think I would’ve gotten into any of my top choices without him.

Our experience with Bags during the college application process could NOT have been more positive, or more fun.  His knowledge and experience served to prepare, and ultimately, guide our son until the last application was sent.  More importantly, his warm-hearted and truly calming presence enabled us to enjoy the process (I say “us” because he mentored ALL 3 of us). We recommend Bags wholeheartedly.

By taking the time to understand my son’s background and goals, Bags was able to provide excellent guidance during the application process. My son was aiming at several extremely selective colleges. I felt overwhelmed by the college admission and application process. Bags was instrumental in helping my son present the strongest possible application and never lost sight of keeping the student’s journey first. Ultimately, my son was admitted to his first choice college.