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Scope of College Planning and Application Services

Along with advising you on what you should do when, suggesting what you might consider as you evaluate your strengths, interests, and personal goals, offering information about the many different post-secondary options, and helping you steer in the direction that is appropriate for you, I can:

  • advise on high school course selection.
  • make recommendations for extracurricular and summer involvement (What do you do with your free time?).
  • make recommendations for standardized testing.
  • conduct interviews with parents and students on college preferences, goals, ambitions.
  • conduct interest and personality assessments, exploring programs for additional study.
  • help to plan and maximize college visits.
  • help you create a balanced list of colleges/universities suited to the student.
  • brainstorm a full range of essay topics and approaches, including application supplements.
  • hone your activities resume.
  • prepare for college admission interviews.
  • workshop college/university applications.
  • discuss and help you process financial aid and scholarship applications.
  • assist you in evaluating your acceptances and financial aid packages.
  • discuss athletic recruitment and music, art and/or theater portfolios.