Parents: Preparing for Early Decision and Early Action News

With the advent of December, seniors (and parents) will start to hear from colleges if they applied early action (non-binding) or early decision (binding). Some parents have been through this process with older children; some have not. What I have learned as a parent of three college graduates is that it is important to emotionally […]

Celebrating the Standardized Test Optional Movement

Fifty years ago Bowdoin College (Maine) under the leadership of Director of Admissions Richard Moll became the first undergraduate admission office to boldly NOT require standardized tests as part of a senior’s application. Bowdoin’s recognition that a student’s college success was deeper than simply one’s ability to score well on the SAT or ACT made […]

A Case for Education Beyond High School

There is strong agreement across the spectrum of professions that some degree of post high school (secondary) education – trade and vocational certificate programs or two to four year university/college – is not only beneficial but essential in earning a livable wage in the 21st century.  Although we cannot predict the economic landscape in the […]