Fish Early And Explore Smaller Pools

The rivers throughout the West are desperately low this summer due to extreme drought. Consequently, the wise and skittish fish are holding up in inconspicuous depressions, under logs, and along the bank’s edges where there are insects and shade. These areas do not hold a lot of fish; anglers have to tread stealthily and lay […]

Navigating College Admissions and Covid-19: Trust Your Instruments

Amidst the unpredictability and turbulence that Covid has created in the lives of students, particularly for high school seniors as they actively launch the college process this fall, I have been hearing the words of my late father-in-law Robert Bryan, a renowned bush pilot in Atlantic Canada’s Gulf of Saint Lawrence region for over 50 […]

10th Grade: Avoiding the Sophomore Sluff

In my experience, the 10th grade year can be fraught with distractions and what I refer to as “academic continental drift” as it pertains to one’s grades. Newly minted sixteen year olds often have their eye on getting a driver’s license (unless you live in Idaho where you get the early bird permit at fourteen […]

Preparing for College Interviews

“The best interviewers are skilled at making two things happen: First, they’re good at creating a transforming moment in the interview where a student says, ‘Wow, that was a great conversation.’ Second, they’re good at making a student walk away feeling better than s/he did when s/he walked in. The reality is that almost all […]

Introducing High Desert College Collaborative (HDCC)

I want to introduce a non-profit college aspirational program I plan to launch in 2020 called High Desert College Collaborative (HDCC). HDCC’s mission is “to inspire the youth of rural Idaho to pursue educational opportunities beyond high school so that they will be empowered to build a brighter future for themselves and their communities.” HDCC […]

Education in Idaho – The Need to Act

“Idaho is at risk. Not only is Idaho coming up short with respect to educating our children, but we are doing so in an economic environment where those with lower skills fall further behind. Left unchanged, our educational system will leave the next generation of Idahoans with limited opportunities, a narrow window for economic advancement, […]

Teeing up the College Essay: Where Do I Start? What is Important?

It is true that THE college essay often invokes as much dread in seniors as taking standardized tests; its aura holds high psych-out value and can lead to serious writer’s block. But if one steps back from its psychology and dutifully reviews the wide range of Common Application and Coalition Application questions, including the slow […]

Senior Spring: Celebration, Final Decisions, and Thank You Notes

The anticipation and long wait on your application news is over.  Congratulations, you have been accepted to college and should be very proud of your accomplishments, taking pride in the fact that you earned your spot(s) with hard work, attention to the details, determination, and persistence. You have also learned the steps in a lifelong […]

Junior Spring Migration: Testing One’s Assumptions On College Visits

With spring approaching, it is the time when 11th graders start to explore their own aspirations and dreams beyond high school. Let the junior spring migration commence! This is the time-honored ritual when juniors (and parents) formally launch their college search by visiting colleges. Though it takes logistical planning and coordination, nothing provides you with […]

Sizing Up the Field: Advice On Selecting a List of Colleges

With over 3000 undergraduate programs in the United States alone, the most important point to remember as a high school student is that there is indeed a college for you. Falling into the psychological trap that there are only a few “really good” colleges – selective and recognizable names – is simply selling the diversity […]